MELTdown LAN Party

Par Nik
Site web
Quand Samedi, 9 août 2003 @ 00:00  à
Dimanche, 10 août 2003 @ 00:00
Capacité 120 sièges
Lieu 4099 Royal Avenue (Lower Canada College) Montreal (NDG)
Coût 30$
Internet oui
Alcool non
The MELTdown LAN Party is back and is uniting East Coast gamers for the ultimate
gaming experience. Play your favourite games and compete in our Counter-Strike
tournament for big prizes and our Quake 3 tournament for added bonus goodies.
Order food directly from your computer and have it delivered to your seat; watch
special events and tournament matches on a huge screen; stop reminiscing about
the days when your 486 used to be cool, put those skills to use and win cool prizes
by playing you're favourite old school computer games; guarantee a seat
next to your friends with our online seating planner, oh and did we mention free
pizza? Get more details and signup for the Summer MELTdown 2003 LAN Party this
August 9th on our website,
because you know you want it.